About my work

My work is the reflection of an idealized world. I take pleasure in the hidden beauty of the decaying, the old, the anonymous, the romantic... I appropriate architectural structures, living beings and real objects, and I transfer them into the form of an image in a new medium, which transforms them.

As a result of this process, these elements acquire a new identity, invaded by a spirit that strips them of the incidental and bestows upon them a pure, enigmatic presence. They appear as isolated figures, submerged in an infinite background, in a space where contrary sentiments exist together, such as desolation and joy, fear and serenity. They inhabit a terrain between the known and unreal, in a place far away from where they were conceived and from which they cannot escape.

They are poetic works, hybrid-images, perfect presences that allude to themselves.

Iñaki Lazkoz

Translation: Patrick Greaney, Robert Veszteg and Maureen McCrumlish


Introduction to the work  (by Pia Jardí)

The art of Iñaki LAZKOZ is a beautiful metaphor of the human glance.

It's not the eye that sees, but the subjective look that kidnaps fragments of reality and imprints them in our memory. A look that selects and captivates moments to incorporate them into our interior.

His paintings evoke sceneries of moments lived or maybe even dreamt, that we observe one day and that persist in our memories in the form of distant fragmented images. Images, divested of their surroundings, that acquire in these paintings a magical and quiet presence.

They are calm and at the same time desolate landscapes submerged in a silent, always unreal light whose atmosphere gives a ghost-like appearance to everything it enshrouds.

The compositions are clear with outlined contours. The very elaborate drawing registers precise moments that reflect, instead of the objectivity of a view that captures the real, the subjective intention of a look that one day tried to steal away a fragment of reality and whose footprints only exist in our memory.

Painting, as always, is a question of look.

Pia Jardí
November 1998


Curriculum Vitae

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